Animation & Visual Effects

Cold Pepsi

I used Cinema 4D R16 for all elements in the scene, Realflow for liquid (made by Klumbumbus) and AE for comp. On top i comped some particles / flares / color corrections / shake and increased the slow-mo effect a bit more.

Update Buttons

Found some old design for a button. (PSD-File) So i modelled a button in C4D and

played a bit with Mograph & dynamcis. Set up a white bright studio and rendered with advanced render.


Progs: Cinema 4D / After Effects CC 2015
Music: Atrey / Taste LP

LipSticks - Product Visualisation

Modelled & rendered with Cinema4D.
Add some color-correction / depth / motionblur in AfterEffects CC.


Progs: Cinema 4D / After Effects CC 2015

LipButter - Product Visualisation

A render and material test with the new reflection-channel Cinema4D R16.

Progs: Cinema 4D / After Effects CC 2015

SpaceShuttle - Asteroid

I used Element 3D V2 for the shuttles (Nasa-Models) and asteroid.
Some flares and particles on top. Earth was rendered in Cinema4D.

Leave - Projection in AE

AE projection mapping and Element 3D tested in cooperation.

3D elements are statue, table, wall on the right and hatchet.

Stick Grenades - UVs and mograph proxies

Tested some things like UV-Texturing, Mograph & Dynamics with proxies, lighting and render settings. Done in Cinema 4D & AE

Paper - Element 3D V2 improvments

Element V2 - testing new shadow function and some other improvments like in AO and reflections.




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